Thursday, September 08, 2016


Morning admin complete it seemed like a good excuse to pop out for lunch. It was about 26C, there was as slight breeze and we hit the road without a specific plan. As we headed off of the development, the Silver Vixen suggested a trip to Bosham. On a day such as this, that seemed an eminently sensible idea. Traffic round Chichester was tailed back, but with our local knowledge, we bypassed the delays and were too pulling into the car park near the Quay.

We wandered along the shore road (called Shore Road) to The Anchor Bleu pub and found a table out on the balcony overlooking the harbour.  It was popular spot today and we were lucky to find such a prime location. We chose the fish and chips. We weren’t disappointed. In fact the Gorse Fox commented that it was the best battered fish he had eaten in years. The batter was really crisp, not too oily, and packed with flavour.

After a leisurely much we went for a stroll through the village then back round onto Shore Road and round the harbour. When we arrived the tide was out, but had clearly turned. By this time it was coming in quite quickly and boats that had been stranded when we arrived, were now swinging back and forth in several feet of water. Bonham is famous for the number of cars that get swamped as the tide comes in, where their drivers have forgotten how long they’ve been away - or just don’t read the signs. It is clear to see why that happens (if not why people are that stupid).

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