Saturday, September 03, 2016

Back to Storage

The Gorse Fox was adjusting his design and plans for the cushion caddy. This was to occupy a corner in the garden and store all of the cushions for the garden furniture. Urban-cub intervened. "Why don't you get a storage bin, like those we had an Angmering?" she asked. The Gorse Fox reconsidered and looked them up online. He calculated the relative costs, and realised it would be cheaper (and quicker) to purchase one than it would be to build one.

We got in the car and drove to Homebase. Thirty minutes later we were home and the components were being unloaded. Urban-cub helped the Gorse Fox put the bin together (she was, after all, experienced having done it twice before). There were a few fiddly bits, but essentially it went together very easily.

We now have a storage bin and it is already loaded with the cushions.

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