Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Tuesday's email said "We can get our chap to call in the morning, if you are available". The Gorse Fox responded immediately. "Yes that would be fine. Any time after 8:30".

So it was that the Gorse Fox missed his football, waiting in for the chap to call. He used the time to try out some beta code on the new Pi, "falcon". The code itself worked well, but linking it with SQL would not work. The Gorse Fox raised a couple of bug reports and awaits the response. it was very satisfying working with the new code and helping them shake it down.

Just before midday a further email arrived. It confirmed the chap would turn up at 09:00... on Thursday. Blast! The Gorse Fox could have gone to football after all.

We went to have tea with the neighbours during the afternoon. As usual. This was a very pleasant few hours of chat and laughter.

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