Saturday, August 27, 2016


Having downsized, the Gorse Fox divested himself of a planer/thicknesser, a table saw, a mitre/chop saw, a morticer, a dust extractor, and heaven's knows what else.

Since moving he has had to replace the mitre saw - with a cross-cut mitre saw. He has also replaced the dust extractor with a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. Today he is faced with the dilemma - should he replace the table saw? He really wants one that is moderately small and will fit on an existing work bench rather than one that has legs (*). He needs, after all, something that can be stored away easily when not in use. After some research and then a trip round Toolstation, B&Q and Screwfix... the Gorse Fox decided that there was nothing that quite fitted the bill. He would just have to use his handheld circular saw.

The Gorse Fox is now waiting for Urban-Cub to return from her walk at Wittering with her car keys so that he can get into the garage and continue with the storage project for the loft.

(*) He realises that the legs can be removed, but all of the ones he examined (at a price point he was willing to pay) were braced by fittings on the legs.

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