Monday, August 15, 2016

Last Full Day

It is Cousteau-Cub's last full day back here in England. Tomorrow she heads home to Thailand, but today she wanted to see Brighton (where she used to live), wanted a Nando's (because she had heard of them, but had never had one), and wanted a kebab!

We started with a trip to Brighton. This included a wander through the Laines, a tour of Post Offices trying to find the currency cards they provide. This, in the end, turned out to be a wipe-out as the card,  when loaded with Sterling, incurs fees when loaded or used.

After ditching the idea we headed back into the streets and side-streets and made our way down to the sea-front. The deckchair sellers were doing a good trade and the beach was beginning to look busy in the glorious weather.

It really was beautifully warm and the few puffs of cloud provided decoration against the blue of the sky.

By this time food and drink were on the agenda. We crossed the road to J&B's Diner and had a snack before heading back to the car.

Cousteau-Cub wanted to stop at the "wetsuit shop" - so we took the coast road out through Hove on the way towards Shoreham. She looked at various suits and tried on a few. In the end, she had decided on the type and size, but concluded she would order it online.

We continued along the coast road towards home, with another stop at Sainsbury's so that Cousteau-Cub could pick up the various bits and pieces that she was planning to take back with her for the Coventry Hobbit.

Come the evening we took a trip to Chichester for a Nando's - to satisfy Cousteau-Cub's curiosity and stopped at the kebab shop on the way home for a top up for her cravings.

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