Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Get together

Wednesday has seen the usual football extravaganza this morning. It ended up 2-1 after a hard fought hour - and the Gorse Fox was on the losing side. Never mind - it is, after all, only a game.

Back home, the Gorse Fox returned to the keyboard. He had seen a nice Python routine for setting and managing the parsing of program arguments. He decided this would be a useful addition to his standard program template. An hour or two later - all was done. He will retrofit the code to some recent programs over the next few days.

Late afternoon the developer of our houses had invited us to a summer get-together. This was held in the Italian Gardens in front of our house. (No discussions about who would drive home were necessary).

They had laid on Prosecco, soft drinks, cider, and a hog roast. It was a great couple of hours and good opportunity to meet up with neighbours that we don't see so often.

The Gorse Fox really is most impressed by the way we have all been treated by Berkeley Homes. Their after-sales service is second to none and the way in which they try to help build the community on the development is really excellent. So far we have had two Christmas events and this was the third Summer event that they have organised. All these are well attended and everyone mixes and chats.

When the hog roast broke up, the Sonning Crew retired to the home of Tinkerbell and Two Hats. They had some more bubbly in the the cooler and needed assistance with its consumption. It would have been rude and un-neighbourly not to help.

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