Saturday, August 20, 2016


High winds have spent the day battering the South Coast. (No doubt other parts of the country are also affected). These gales, combined with occasional torrential showers have kept The Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox indoors.

The Silver Vixen is finishing some fiddle-mats which provide something for Alzheimers sufferers to play with. She's almost finished one, but hopes to get another one finished.

The Gorse Fox has spent the day playing with code and the Raspberry Pis. The RPIs needed some file system changes so that WordPress could be updated automatically. This turned into a bit of a marathon as it occurred to the Gorse Fox that he could refine his backup strategy to preserve such changes and change his configuration scripts to ensure the changes are installed from the beginning if a rebuild is required.

Then he flipped over to OSX on the Mac and looked at ooRexx, BSF4ooRexx, and Regina Rexx. In the end he installed the BSF4ooRexx. Whilst this (sort of) works - there are some problems that still need to be sorted out. These, clearly, stem from the installer itself. The Gorse Fox has asked "the Community" for some hints, but thus far remains slightly hamstrung. (The silly thing is that he has managed to install Regina Rexx on his Macbook - but can't remember how!).

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