Friday, August 19, 2016


Well the Silver Vixen was daft enough to agree to marry the Gorse Fox and 43 years ago today we sealed the deal. They have been astonishing years filled with love, laughter, silliness and friendship. We have raised two daughters, Cousteau-Cub and Urban-Cub, both of whom fill us with pride and as they have grown into fine women have become our best friends as well as our off-spring.

Despite health problems, the Silver Vixen continues to maintain her equanimity and sense of humour and inspires the Gorse Fox on a daily basis. He is indeed blessed and is now enjoying being able to spend so much more time with  her now he has retired.

The last couple of days in Canterbury were our celebration, but today we had a quiet day. The rain had set in so we stayed put during the morning and then went across to Haskins Garden Centre in the afternoon for a scone and a coffee and a wander round the various displays.

A memorable day.

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