Thursday, August 04, 2016


A bright and sunny day saw the Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen spend a quiet morning at home then head out for some shopping in Chichester. Who says old people don't know how to have fun?

We split up as we both had different reasons for the trip. As the Gorse Fox headed back to meet with the Silver Vixen he became aware of the buskers. On, in East Street was playing an electric guitar in the style of George Benson - very smooth and cool. Approaching The Cross, there was a change in style. An opera singer was belting out areas from from the operas. As the Gorse Fox went past it was the Flower Song from Lakme. Only in a place such as Chichester do you get quite such an eclectic mix of street musicians.

Stopping off at M&S on the way home, we raided the shelves in preparation for a family picnic at the weekend. The biggest problem was trying to find space for it all in the fridge when we got home. Life on the edge, eh?

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