Thursday, July 07, 2016


After the usual Thursday morning admin, we drove across to Westbourne. This is a little village just north of Emsworth. It's quite small and picturesque, with a small town square, in the middle of which is the The Stag's Head pub. To the south end of the square the road leads down towards the Parish Church.

We were greeted enthusiastically when we walked into the pub and asked to see the menu. The hosts could not have been more friendly as we selected a meal and explained we had come to collect the tickets for next week's concert. The pub was very quiet, with only a couple of regulars at the far side, and us at the dining room end. The food was inexpensive, simple, but perfectly acceptable. In fact we had a nice lunch there.

The Gorse Fox's only concern for next week is that there is so little parking in the vicinity. It will be an interesting exercise to see how far away we end up finding a space. After lunch we returned to car and made our way home via Emsworth.

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