Friday, July 08, 2016

The Mulberry Inn

It was strange day - an early visit from the neighbours asking about a trip to the pub (we couldn't as we had already planned to meet the Gorse Fox's sister and Trev) then a bit of work looking at use of photo galleries and how best to "serve" photos for the private blog.

The Silver Vixen phoned the doctor, but no appointments were available for a couple of weeks. As the problem lay with her eye, the Gorse Fox suggested she phone the optician. So it was that at lunchtime we headed for Chichester and Boots the Optician. Several hours later, with the Gorse Fox well caffeinated from the coffee shop next door, the Silver Vixen had a diagnosis and it seems that it is not serious. It will, however, require attention over time. Apparently, in Kent this could be referred to the hospital immediately, but because of NHS priorities in Sussex, it is not serious enough to be referred at this stage.

Back home, the Gorse Fox transcribed a few more diaries and then we headed to The Mulberry Inn to meet sis & Trev. As usual, we had a lovely evening chatting, laughing, and putting the world to right. The food was superb, though the Gorse Fox wished they had warned about the almond essence in the chocolate torte - though detectable, it wasn't strong enough to give the Gorse Fox trouble beyond a revolting aftertaste (dealt with by a strong coffee).

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