Saturday, July 02, 2016

Stake it

It was bright and sunny, though a little breezy. There were tasks to complete in the garden, so the Gorse Fox set about the mental list.

We have a lovely Cryptomeria Japonica which is taking quite a battering from the winds, so the first task was to get that staked up properly. A club hammer and damp soil made that a fairly simple task. We had decided that the Japanese lantern was in the wrong place, so that needed moving to a new home. This made way for one of the new planters which would house a lovely white hydrangea.

The Gorse Fox then set about the Acers - several of them needed a bit of tidying and shaping. The Silver Vixen meanwhile planted up the new Acers and hydrangea into the new planters. There's still a bit more to do, but we have exhausted our supply of compost until we take a trip to the garden centre.

(I notice that it was 43 years ago yesterday that we moved in to our first house - that was a lovely three-bedroom residence in Hoddesdon. Such exciting times.)

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