Monday, July 18, 2016

Some like it hot.

Fortunately the Gorse Fox and tsv both like it hot. It's 30c and there's only the faintest of breezes. The sky is azure and there is not a cloud in sight. It is beautiful.

It has been a quiet day with only a few jobs to get done. The Gorse Fox has been trying to get one bank of solar lights working - but fears that they are kaput! He has tried changing and recharging the batteries - but will have to wait until later to see if they come on. The bird feeder has been topped up - our little avian friends seem to be getting through a heck of a lot of bird seed at present. Talk about living life on the edge.

The Gorse Fox has also spent some more time on the old diaries. Back in 1987 we took the girls to Devon with us. We had a lovely week in a cottage just outside Tavistock. The Gorse Fox has been going through the old entries and adding the photos taken at the time. Who said that nostalgia wasn't what it used to be? It has been great fun looking back and remembering those times. (The Gorse Fox suppose it would be more logical to process year by year - and he's still transcribing 1974 - but sometimes you see an old photo and thing "That should be in the blog").

The Silver Vixen has been at physio this afternoon - so she's now having a quiet time in the Orangery to recover.

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