Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Second Opinion

The Gorse Fox had dismissed the idea of football today. He had to wait in for a delivery of some recliners for the garden (ordered when we were at Hampton Court). As it happens, they arrived early enough that he could have played - but his mind was elsewhere. He had a lot of packaging to take to the recycling centre and wanted to finish adding some photos to 1992.

That was where the day went wrong. He discovered that for 1992 he had kept 2 separate diaries. One, obviously on his desk, the other in his case when he was out and about. Only one of these had been transcribed. This meant that there were 150 additional entries required. in the private blog. He's glad he did it because it was clearly an interesting year - Poughkeepsie, Somers, Kingston, San Jose, Boeblingen, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Glasgow and numerous towns and cities across England.

Meanwhile, The Silver Vixen is out with a friend wandering around West Dean Gardens near Chichester. Though a little overcast it is quite warm and bright so the Gorse Fox is sure they are having a good time.

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