Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Well, today we get a new Prime Minister. The Gorse Fox always finds change to be stimulating and hopes that the PM has a good term in office and is seen by history to have been a good leader for the country. The Gorse Fox has kept his phone to hand, just in case she phones to offer any of the great positions of Office or want him in the Cabinet. All has been quiet so far.

The usual Wednesday morning was fun this morning. Though the teams seemed fairly equal, the end score was a win for the side that featured the Gorse Fox. A resounding 5-0 with a very nice goal from the Gorse Fox to round things off.

Talking of things of great import, it seems that the FA are talking to Sam Allardyce regarding the vacancy for England Manager. The Gorse Fox likes "Big Sam" but isn't sure that he's the right man for that job. The Gorse Fox's favourite would be Juergen Klinsman, the current manager of the USA, and ex-manager of the German World Cup winning team (and, importantly, ex-Spurs player).

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