Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ramp up

The weather is fantastic today - mid 20s and a dusting of cotton wool clouds. Perfect day.

The blog on "peregrine" has been completely reinstated without too much head-scratching. What head-scratching there was was caused by a misunderstanding by the Gorse Fox over the way the backup directory structure was formed. Soon rectified and everything working as designed.

Mid-morning demanded a trip to stock up on cat-litter, some compost, and some chemicals to prevent the development of blanket weed in the rill. Having done the calculations, it looks like the Gorse Fox may have purchased enough for the next ten years! Oh well.

We are ramping up for our attendance at a concert by Voodoo Room. Hopefully it will be a good event and, talking of events, there is a Thai Festival in Chichester that may require closer examination this weekend.

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