Friday, July 29, 2016

Oi Ref.

As suspected, the Gorse Fox was not quite up to it today. He went along to support the team, but couldn't have played. This, however, meant that he was pressed into service as referee for one of the pitches. (Fortunately, as they are indoor 5-a-side cages, this didn't involve any running).

The refereeing was trouble-free. No really contentious decisions to make - and the few fouls that the Gorse Fox had call were so obvious that there was no argument. It looked a bit one-sided at first. Arun's B-team were thrashed 10-0, but on the parallel pitch the A-team won 2 or 3-1. In the second game the pendulum swung further in our favour. The B-team won 7-6 (having been 4-1 down), and the A-team won 6-3. All in all a satisfactory run out - though it is a shame about that first game.

The Gorse Fox's back is easing somewhat and he is hoping he'll be fit to play on Sunday.

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