Friday, July 22, 2016


A strange day, really.  Lots of bits got done.

Admin was completed for the trip to Cornwall later in the year. Then the Gorse Fox got round to booking an hotel in Canterbury for next month. Though we are fairly widely travelled, neath the Gorse Fox nor the Silver Vixen have ever been to Canterbury. It seems like an omission that needed addressing. The Gorse Fox has taken the opportunity to contact the Kent contingent of his legion of cousins to see if there is an opportunity to meet up.

Nissan had a special sales event and the Gorse Fox was invited along. The deals were very good. Several thousand pounds of direct savings, plus 3 year servicing, plus 10 years of free MOT tests, plus 2 full valets per year... and so on. The Gorse Fox had a wander round with the salesman. He had already decided that he wasn't going to buy - but did want to look over the all-electric Leaf and the new Pulsar. Both were very impressive, though the range on the Leaf (and its price) made it a complete no-no.

Diary transcription continues. Photos for 1987 were embedded in the relevant entries covering our trip to Corfu with the girls. Then the Gorse Fox dug out the 1992 Diary and loaded that. That seemed like quite a year with trips to Poughkeepsie, Somers, Johannesburg, and Cape Town to name but a few.

The Gorse Fox's friend, Mr Amazon, turned up late afternoon with a new Raspberry Pi Model 3B. There are several possible uses pencilled in for this device, but the Gorse Fox has yet to finalise the plan. Initially he'll probably try several different options before finalising a specific objective for "falcon".

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