Sunday, July 10, 2016


Somehow drizzle always conjures up November in the Gorse Fox's mind. Well, it's not November, but it was drizzling this morning. The Gorse Fox was delighted that today's football was in the indoor arena.

The game was a 4-vs-5. In the first half, the Gorse Fox was on the 5-team, in the second, the 4-team. It was hard work in the second half. the Gorse Fox did however contribute 5 goals today in our 13-8 win. He would ad that those 5 were but a fraction of his potential score as he was enjoying the competition so much eh was deliberately passing to some of our less able friends to give them a chance.

The afternoon was spent back at the keyboard, finishing the transcription of the 1985 and 1986 diaries. These, between them, have added about 500 more entries to the master blog. This now has some 13,300 entries stretching back to 1965. The Gorse Fox is also starting to imbed relevant photos into the old posts. This should make it more interesting for future generations.

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