Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Code seems to be flowing from the fingers recently. Even last night, whilst watch TV, the Gorse Fox got an idea and by the time he went to bed the code had been written and tested. Very satisfying (and he now has a rexx interpreter running on the Macbook).

Football was a bit quieter today. After yesterday's tournament there were not so many of the regulars. The Gorse Fox still managed a couple of hours and scored the odd goal. It was a good workout and seems to be keeping his weight at a stable 12st.

The Gorse Fox noticed an advert for a local pub running a concert in about 10 days. It is a band called Voodoo Room who seem to play the music of Hendrix and Cream. Sounds like a perfect evening... so the Gorse Fox has acquired some tickets. He likes the play on words in their name, too: Voodoo (Chile) (White) Room, and wonders how many people get it.

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