Saturday, July 30, 2016

Clotted Cream

The day had started with a fine drizzle. It was warm, overcast, and damp. We had invited the neighbours in for afternoon tea - and things were looking a little grim. The Gorse Fox raided Sainsbury's for various delicacies - lemon drizzle cake, cheesecake, scones, doughnuts, and tortes. Nobody leaves our house wishing there had been more choice, or more to eat.

At lunchtime it was still wet, but was looking brighter. An hour later it was dry, and the sun was breaking through. We set out the cushions on the garden furniture just in time. Tinkerbell and Two Hats arrived first and we had a lovely chat with them and several cups of tea. Old Bill and Prunella arrived later (they had been out with family) and settled in for more tea and cakes.

It may not come as a huge surprise that the tea was swapped for beer and wine before too long and as the sun dropped behind cloud we made our way indoors. It was mid evening before things broke up - it had been very pleasant way to pass a few hours.

Meanwhile, the Gorse Fox did manage to get some more coding under his belt during the damp morning. Still a few more hours required, but then it should be possible to transfer the blog tags (labels) from this blog across to the private blog.

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