Monday, July 11, 2016


It's very breezy today. It's bright and sunny with clouds scudding across from the west. In the Orangery, out of the wind, it is positively tropical. Outside, it's not cold, but its too blustery to be comfortable.

Today the focus has been on adding the relevant photos to the private journal and starting to transcribe 1974 in all its glory (or is it tedium). For many years, the journals are concise and entries just cover a few lines. Not 1974. In 1974 the Gorse Fox had decided to be more thorough and so it is that the diary for that year has a full page of closely written text for every day (at least up until the end of May). This is taking a lot of typing. So far he's only got to early February.

On an entirely separate subject - why is it that you can get desiccated coconut almost anywhere you look, but cannot find coconut flakes for love nor money? Sainsbury's blames a manufacturing problem at present. That's all very fine, but the Gorse Fox has a batch of muesli to make!

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