Wednesday, June 01, 2016


This morning's football was fun. The Gorse Fox was on the side with fewer people but still we managed to win. Indeed win convincingly. The Gorse Fox was pleased with his contribution of a couple of goals but even more pleased that he bamboozled one of ex-professionals several times. This is rather satisfying as he does have the habit of rubbing your nose in it when he does it to you. Indeed the Gorse Fox got a cheer when he did it the third or fourth time.

The 8-1 win was somewhat marred by a bit of "handbags at dawn" between a couple of players. One obviously has anger management issues and wasn't having a good day. It all blew up over a perfectly innocuous tackle, but Mr Angry lost the ball for the umpteenth time and blew. You would say "grow up", but somehow one expects it is too late for that.

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