Sunday, June 05, 2016


Today is turning into quite a sizzler. There's not a cloud in the sky and the sun is baking down on this corner of the realm. (Note: it may be baking down elsewhere, but the Gorse Fox can only report what he can see from his own observation).

Sunday's football was indoors at the Arun Sports Arena. This was a good thing. Whilst not air conditioned, the size of the hangar meant that it was still fairly cool, despite the sunshine. It was a good game, though the Gorse Fox did end up on the losing side. It was a good warm-up for tomorrow's tournament.

Back home the Silver Vixen is working with her sewing machines and the Gorse Fox is just chilling, now. Having said that he has been fiddling with the Pi configurations. It seems that, despite all the online documentation, the successful setting of a static IP address is as much a feature of taking a hammer to your router, as it is to getting the configuration files right  on the Pi. The Gorse Fox had followed all the tutorials and the configuration files were correct on "tawny owl" but the IP address would not reset. In the end he had to reprogram the BT Home Hub router which kept re-assigning the same old wrong address. Pah! So much for automation.

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