Tuesday, June 21, 2016


John Lewis are have a clearance sale. As honoured customers we were invited to come and raid the shop prior to normal opening. So it was that at 8:00 this morning we wandered into the Chichester store and started our raid. The Silver Vixen had a list of things to pick up - all of which seemed to have offers. An hour later we left, clutching our goods, satisfied that we had saved some money (given that we needed these items anyway).

The Gorse Fox headed straight to Worthing for his regular football. This went, much as usual, to the script. The Gorse Fox ended up on a team with heart rather than hope... and ended up losing all six games. To add injury to insult he has stirred up his weak ankle and is feeling sore. However at least he (and his team) all played better than some of the England squad last night. In fact even Dennis, who walks on crutches and sits an watches the games, would be more effective that Jack Wilshere was.

The afternoon has been spent progressing with his code. Lots to do still, but making progress.

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