Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Oh dear

Well what a disastrous night for English football. Entirely predictable, but disastrous all the same. Fancy getting beaten by Iceland. As a long term follower, however, it was not a surprise. The Gorse Fox has had a day to hear armchair analysis by all and sundry. He isn't clever enough to know what the answer is (unlike so many).

The Gorse Fox had his usual Walking Football session this morning. Six more games played: lost 1, drew 4, and finally won a game. Some good football played today (certainly England International level).

We have noticed that a neighbour several doors down behind the house is having a garden room of some sort built. It became clear this afternoon that this is being done by Outside Interests, the firm that built our Orangery. It will be interesting to see what they do. It is a much small house than ours and is in the middle of a terrace - so they have less scope than we did.

Popped in next door for tea this afternoon. The Gorse Fox should have been coding but somehow couldn't collect his thoughts, so it was a good distraction. The weather closed in around tea time and we have heavy rain now (at least we brought the washing in before it got started).

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