Saturday, June 04, 2016

More code

Nothing much to report. The Gorse Fox spent most of the day at the computer. It started with a download of a new base image for the Pi. This was installed on "tawny owl" and some basic mods and updates applied before this was cut as the new Master image.

With the new master image the Gorse Fox started on his coding of the configurator. He hit a snag fairly early on and wasted a lot of time trying to debug a problem in this code which wasn't actually there. His code was fine. The problem was the way in which a NAS drive was mounted and needed to be mounted with different user and group permissions from the default.

Eventually the code was working and the first confutation script file suit and tested. Voila! It works. The Gorse Fox can move on and refine the code and build further scripts to perform subsequent stages of the configuration.

Late in the afternoon we were asked to witness the signatures of our neighbours, so popped round and joined them for a cup of tea in the garden.

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