Monday, June 20, 2016

Fang Farrier

The Silver Vixen was at the dentist this morning so the Gorse Fox took the opportunity to accompany her to Chichester and while she was being tortured, he went to the bank, the shops, and grabbed a coffee.

The banks are becoming more automated and now you are greeted by an array of machines that can handle most transactions. The Gorse Fox had a cheque to deposit (it's so nice to have got rid of the Timeshare and actually got a rebate form the fees). The problem is that depositing cheques is such a rare occurrence that the Gorse Fox always has to ask for guidance... and would probably be better off going straight to the cashier to start with.

Once all was done the Silver Vixen met up in the coffee shop and once properly caffeinated we headed to Hillier's. We had reserved an hydrangea last week and had been informed of its arrival. It looks very promising now, back on the deck, snuggling by the fence - though the Gorse Fox suspects that it will be moved in the next few days.

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