Monday, June 13, 2016


The day seemed to be configured with rain. There were occasional dry bits and even some sun, but the overall view was wet.

The Gorse Fox spent much of the day at the computer. The RPI Configurator needed some refinement and the Gorse Fox started building the Pi again from scratch a couple of times just to prove that the system worked. It does.

Now the Gorse Fox has configured WordPress and phpmyadmin. The process for these needs to be added to the automated process - but that's a project for later in the week. Once that's done the Gorse Fox will use the process to rebuild the Pi known as "peregrine". This is planned to be the long-term private blog server. Once instantiated, the Gorse Fox will have to write the code that will enable him to transfer his existing public and private blogs to "peregrine".

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