Thursday, June 30, 2016


Thursday - it must be admin. So it was that the morning started with spreadsheets followed by the arrival of the week's shopping, thanks to Ocado. Once we had the basics completed we headed up to the garden centre to get a further planter and some compost.

The rest of the day was spent debugging. The test version of the private blog (on "tawnyowl") works perfectly, but when built on "peregrine", the internal links all fail. At first the Gorse Fox though ht it was something in his code and spent hours pouring over the logic and the database structure. Then it occurred to him to try an empty "site" with just the initial opening posts. This too demonstrated the same problem... it wasn't the Gorse Fox's code after all.

After a lot more checking, the Gorse Fox has decided to rebuild "peregrine" from scratch in case he had created any differences from "tawnyowl". He will use his new configurator with the same configuration scripts used for "tawnyowl". That can wait until tomorrow.

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