Sunday, June 26, 2016


Very pleasant day today. Bright start but even when it clouded up a bit, it stayed warm. Today's football was indoors (as it usually is on Sundays). There was a big event going on at the Arena, but they were using the outside pitches and didn't trouble us at all.

Our game went well. Just the usual training game with mix and match teams. It ended up at about 12-9, and the Gorse Fox was on the losing side, but it was great fun and there was a lot of lovely football being played by both sides.

Once home, the Gorse Fox returned to his code. A few more tweaks and then he ran a complete import of this blog into the test version of the private blog. It ran for about an hour and completed without incident. It did show up that there were some codepage differences between Blogger and the Wordpress database. This means that the Gorse Fox has some rather odd symbols in the data, here and there. Having spotted this, he can write some additional code to sort this out before he does his final import. Looking good, though.

Next steps are to write the importer for the data from the old version of the private blog into the new version. This needs to ignore duplicate entries and properly categorise the posts that are found. Now that the Gorse Fox has the techniques sorted, it shouldn't take too long to write. The Gorse Fox is frustrated, however, that he still cannot work out how to get the labels/tags out of blogger. More research needed.

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