Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chatting and Jealousy

Nice episode of online chat with Cousteau-Cub this morning. It's always nice to catch up with her and get all the news from Koh Lanta. We decided that we wouldn't meet up with her in Bali in September, as we had previously discussed. The logistics were just too complex, given their time limitations and need to move about from place to place. We will probably leave it until early next year, then go and visit her in Thailand.

It was nice to play football in the dry, despite the rain. The Gorse Fox has come to the conclusion that his team mates are jealous of his boyish good looks (either that or he has a case of sympathy for Beloved Aunt and his Little Sis). Twice he was hit in the face by the ball from almost point blank. He now has a small cut under one eye and a bruise on the side of the bridge of his nose. It's such a good thing that he wears the safety glasses. All in all, despite the injuries, it was a good game and the Gorse Fox scored several goals in his sides 10-7 win.

Had a lovely afternoon taking tea at the neighbours'. They have just returned from holiday and it was a chance to catch up and to hear all about the Caribbean in the Spring, Sandals, and Virgin Atlantic (First Class). It all sounds wonderful and as it was a celebration of their Ruby Anniversary, we're glad that they had a great time.

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