Thursday, June 02, 2016

Change of Plans

Thursday is often dedicated to domestic and administrative chores. The Gorse Fox was planning to follow the usual plan then do some development on the Raspberry Pi. The he read an email newsletter from Martin Lewis (The Money Expert). He pointed out that there have been a number of breaches of security among websites and email addresses and passwords have been stolen (over the past few years).  This links you to the article. From there there is a link that allows you to check if any of your email addresses have been, potentially, compromised. The Gorse Fox found that his email address at LinkedIn and at Adobe were in the cache of stolen items. As a result, the Gorse Fox, spent much of the rest of the morning going though and checking his accounts and changing his passwords to complex 12-digit codes - trusting his password manager to remember them (hopefully).

The Gorse Fox sees that his little sister has been testing the limits of gravity and the ability of the human face to act as a brake when accelerating at 32 feet per second per second. The face does stop when it hits something solid - but does tend to change the colouration thereof. He really hopes she is feeling better soon.

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