Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The Gorse Fox had football. It was damp and there was light rain making things miserable. Despite this, we had a good turnout. The sides were well balanced and the Gorse Fox was doing well. He had swerved round a couple of tackles and had a couple of shots on target (though stopped). The next time he got the ball he side-stepped and did a slick turn along the touch line. This is when it all went a bit wrong. One of the opponents was clearly going to stop the Gorse Fox at any cost and barrelled across the pitch and smashed into him. The Gorse Fox took off and crashed into the fence. An expletive was heard as the Gorse Fox tried to get up. He had a dead leg. So it was that he spent the rest of the game in goal - unable to push off from his left leg (which even now, several hours later, it very sore). He was not a happy bunny.

We ordered some new planters several days ago. They were due to arrive between Friday and next Tuesday. They actually turned up today. That's service.

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