Wednesday, June 08, 2016


In deepest recesses of the Gorse Fox's sleeping mind he could hear an alarm. He dismissed it. It was a car alarm somewhere in the distance. The alarm stopped. The Gorse Fox dropped back into deep sleep.

The alarm recurred. Again he dismissed it. This continued for a while. In the end the Gorse Fox decided he wanted to at least know where the offending vehicle was. It turned out that it was his car. Oooops.

Alarm was switched off and the Gorse Fox returned to bed.

Dawn broke. There was no araldite nearby, so the Gorse Fox left it broken. He dozed off and awoke when the feline alarm stuck his paw up the Gorse Fox's nose. Clearly he wanted food.

It was a hot one again. Clear blue skies with hot sun. The Gorse Fox made sure he had plenty of water with him - football would be hard work. So it turned out. Grown men started by bickering and shouting at each other like silly little children. Eventually we calmed them down and the game kicked off. The Gorse Fox was off the pace, but didn't do too badly. The eventual score was a draw. We were all dripping and pretty flushed. It had been a good workout, even if somewhat marred by the childish display at the start.

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