Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Yesterday's forecast rain evidently waited for the Gorse Fox to start playing football this morning. Fortunately, he had brought some wet weather gear and also a warm change of clothes. As it happened the rain stopped by half-time and by the end of the game the Gorse Fox was pretty warm and dry.

The afternoon was quiet but was interrupted by Tom the Fishman. This is a travelling fishmonger who provides a wide selection of fish, prepared fish, and even breaded fillets. You have to buy boxes full of your choice, and this makes it a little expensive, but the fish will last for a year in the freezer. We ended up with a box of red mullet, two types of fish cake, some salmon and some code loin.

The Gorse Fox also had a bit of fun writing some Excel code to convert Urban-Cub's duty roster into a format that can be input to her calendar. As the rosta covers from June through to 2019, it would have been a bit of a pain to  enter it manually.

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