Thursday, May 05, 2016


The Gorse Fox started this glorious Spring day with a trip to the dentist. One may not believe this to be a good start, but the Gorse Fox likes his dentist and has no problems at present. All was well, and it was nice to pop into Chichester early.

Back home, we took coffee in the garden. The Silver Vixen revealed that she had some solar-powered garden lights that she purchased several years ago. The question was "where could we put them"? After some debate, considerations of the cable length, and the possible locations of the solar panel, we decided that we would fit them in the bottom corner of the garden, on the screen. Not too long after all was fixed. Now we have to see if they work. This will only become obvious when the battery has charged. We wait and we will see.

Early afternoon the phone rang. The chap from Hillier's was nearby and ready to deliver the garden furniture. Directions were provided and the furniture was not only delivered, but it was assembled, and the packing was taken away. What an excellent service!

It seemed like a perfect afternoon to make the most of the new chairs, and whilst the Silver Vixen did some planting, the Gorse Fox sat and enjoyed the warm Spring sunshine.

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