Friday, May 06, 2016


The morning saw the Silver Vixen at a workshop that was looking at dyeing techniques. The Gorse Fox had some errands to run and also some tidying-up.

With the Silver Vixen home, the afternoon was a bit different. The Sonning Crew (neighbours) came in for afternoon tea. Well, we say afternoon tea but it expanded.  First there was tea and biscuits (Canadian maple-syrup infused biscuits), then there was more tea and scones with clotted cream and jam. This was all very sociable. At this point, the tea morphed into wine and beer and the scones into nuts and crackers. The conversation ranged back and forth, the garden was filled with laughter and we were having a super time. Then it seemed sensible to think about dinner rather than all going our separate ways. The menu from our local Indian Restaurant was retrieved and an order placed. More wine was taken. The food arrived at the door and we all tucked in.

It was a lovely afternoon and evening with great company.

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