Sunday, May 29, 2016


Another gorgeous day - the Gorse Fox could get used to this global warming lark, though anyone with even a short term memory will acknowledge that this weather is quite common in May.

The morning was occupied with football at the Arun Sports Arena. A good game was had by all, and the Gorse Fox was pleased to end up on the winning side. It was hard work as is was quite warm inside but that just added to the efficacy of the work-out.

After lunch we had volunteered to run Chris and Maureen to Gatwick. The traffic was light and conditions were perfect so we had a quick run through. They are staying at the airport overnight before jetting off to the Caribbean for the 40th wedding anniversary. Sounds like a great resort and may be worth try ourselves at some point.

Looks like supper will be taken on the deck, as it has most evenings this week. The Gorse Fox thinks we have spent more time outside (pro rata) than in any previous garden. It just seems so tranquil and warm that it would be silly not to eat out there.

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