Saturday, May 14, 2016


Another productive start to the day. It was, again, bright and sunny though there was a cooler feel to the air this morning.

We have a small bistro table and a couple of chairs that sit on the patio. During the winter the bistro table blew over and the glass top smashed. The Gorse Fox has now got its replacement but it was a very tight fit in a couple of spot. Clearly the table wasn't perfectly round and you can't really force glass to fit! The Gorse Fox slept on it and had a potential solution: spreader clamps. Once sustained with coffee and a bacon sandwich he raided the local Screwfix, returning with a 36 inch clamp/spreader. Locating the right spot on the table a bit of pressure was exerted et voila the glass dropped perfectly into place.

The Silver Vixen arrived home at lunchtime having had a good couple of days with Betty Rubble and found an excellent restaurant in Odiham.

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