Monday, May 09, 2016

Sawdust Memories

Whilst overcast, today was still warm. Rain is forecast for later and for tomorrow.

The Gorse Fox made the most of the time, wishing to finish off the screen that he built on Saturday. In reality it was adequate, but  putting a edge round the central panel would give it a shadow line and make it look more like a door than simply a panel.

Big circular saw and big router were retrieved, the working area cleared, and measurements taken. Cutting down deck-boards to the right width was fairly straightforward, but milling a rebate to fit round the existing panel was more challenging. The Gorse Fox had forgotten just how much sawdust he can create with the router, and was soon wading through drifts of wood dust whilst being covered from head to foot in the shavings.

A couple of hours later all was done and the edging was fitted. The Gorse Fox is quite pleased with the results but was a lot less pleased when it came time to clear up. It took ages to sweep up all the sawdust and then to clean and re-stow the tools. Never mind. All done now.

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scobi said...

looking good. The sawdust was worth it!