Thursday, May 19, 2016


The day started quietly enough. Bright blue sky, pleasant breeze, and no sign off rain. Jasper was eager to get started and commenced his use of the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox for trampoline practice at about six. The Gorse Fox gave in at seven and headed down to make the first coffee of the day.

First event was the window-cleaner's arrival. He has missed a few weeks due to injury. Not and window cleaning injury, a mountain biking injury. (It's probably carry all those window cleaning ladders on the bike that caused him to fall off).

Next the delivery van arrived.

The driver looked at the Gorse Fox quizzically, as he unloaded the pipe.

"Dare I ask"? he said.

The Gorse Fox responded he was going to make a plant pot, and left the driver scratching his head (His own head, not that of the Gorse Fox).

The neighbours were equally confused... but all would become clear. Before he could get started, there was the Ocado shopping to put away, floors to wash, floors to vacuum, and various domestic chores to complete. on top of all this, the Gorse Fox was having an intermittent problem with one of his external hard drives and that too would need attention.

The saw horse was led out of its stable and the power saw pressed into action. Ten minutes later this 3m pipe was cut down into 3 pipes of 50cm and the remaining 1.5m was squirrelled away in to corner of the garage.

This afternoon the plant tub plot came to fruition. The existing pots were emptied. The 50cm pipes were inserted into the middle and the tubs were refilled.

This effectively game us two zones in each tub. A central zone in which the Silver Vixen could plant evergreens, and an outer zone where she can plant and replant annuals. The separation keeps the roots of the permanent central plants from weaving round the annuals and making them hard to change. It also means that, if required, we could have a different type of soil in the central zone, from that in the outer zone.

Now it is up to the Silver Vixen to select the plants that she wants.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate that it is a little late for this comment but couldn't the same result be achieved by simply cutting the bottom out of a suitably sized plastic flower pot?

I am guessing that the root systems of the plants you wish to move are not going to be deep enough to tangle.

You could have saved yourself a good few pounds.

The Gorse Fox said...

Indeed that could have worked for plants which remain with fairly shallow roots. We were thinking of plants which are more aggressive and may have relatively deep and widely spreading roots. These pipes allow us to use the full depth of the tubs.