Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Football occupied the morning and we were blessed with another lovely day.

Once home, showered and fed, the Gorse Fox started on the plan hatched yesterday to sort out the plant tubs. A trip to Travis Perkins was called for.

"Hello young man I wish to purchase a length of 225mm drainage pipe." opened the Gorse Fox.
"I'm sorry, sir, but we do not stock that size. We can offer you 100mm pipe" replied the man.
"Your catalogue clearly shows the pipe, in 3m lengths. Can it be ordered?"
"You will have to order it online, yourself" said the main, unhelpfully "and it only comes in 6m lengths.
The Gorse Fox bade his adieu and left.

He went to Jewson. They are reputed to "have the Jewson lot".
They didn't.
They did, however, phone round their other local branches to see if any of them could help.
They couldn't.

The Gorse Fox left and drove to Plumb Centre. They couldn't help, but could order it in, in 6m lengths.

This left the Gorse Fox with one option: the internet (which is probably where he should have started). After the first few searches he had found the product - though it was going to cost £87 plus delivery. This would require further searching. Eventually, a supplier was found who did 3m lengths and it would only cost £40 including delivery. Order was placed. The Gorse Fox awaits delivery over the next few days. The overall plan will be revealed when the next stage is complete!

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