Friday, May 13, 2016


Now and then you try something that turned out to be very successful. So it was that the Gorse Fox started on supper.

A piece of red mullet, some chips, and some peas (after all, it is Friday). The Gorse Fox has never cooked red mullet before and gave it some thought during the afternoon. He decided it was firm enough and strong enough to hold its own with some savoury companions. Butter and oil were melted in the pan, finely chopped spring onions were added with sliced garlic, a finely chopped green chilli, and some cashews.

The red mullet, meanwhile, had be sprinkled with salt and pepper and dusted with flour. The fish was added to the pan and allowed to fry for about 5 minuets (skin side down), then it was flipped. By this time the onions and other ingredients were starting to caramelise. A dash of red wine and some small chopped tomatoes were added and allowed to reduce. Three or four minutes later the fish was ready and tasted absolutely superb.

The Gorse Fox will take a Michelin tyre star for that.

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