Friday, May 20, 2016

Meeting up and Backing up

Lovely day again.

During the morning we met up with Urban-Cub to look at some new-build houses. She is interested in a couple of the designs and needed to decided whether one was more practical than the other. The first house was a very nice design and clearly a practical model for her and her family. The second, though impressive and larger, was clearly far less practical. Once we had, collectively, discussed all this she was convinced and the decision was made. Now she just has to wait for the builder to release this phase of the build so that she can put down her reservation. She is on the early-bird list.

The Gorse Fox's little sister and Trevor arrived mid-afternoon. We had a lovely couple of hours drinking tea and chatting through the family news before all (Urban-Cub was still with us)  heading out to the The Gribble Inn for dinner. As usual, the food was excellent and the Gorse Fox found their fish platter too much to finish. Lovely evening all round.

Meanwhile, in the background, the Gorse Fox has been having problems with one of his NAS drives. To be fair it is a drive that has been running non-stop for five or six years. Quick diagnostics were, again, run and showed up clear. Deep diagnostics will not run through to completion. Some files seem to be missing, others seem to be nothing more than stubs, and the drive seems to revert to read-only mode every so often. Fortunately, as you know, the Gorse Fox is paranoid about data. As a result he has a second and third backup and, checking these, it is clear that the files are still available and accessible. A new drive has been ordered and the Gorse Fox expects that he will spend chunks of the weekend installing this and getting all the data transferred.

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