Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just stuff

It's Thursday, it must be admin.

The Gorse Fox started on the weekly admin. No sooner had he started but Ocado turned up with the shopping. A boon, but an interrupt. As he started to put the shopping away, the laptop ping'd. It was Cousteau-Cub. The Silver Vixen took over the shopping management and the Gorse Fox sat down for an online chat with Cousteau-Cub.

It appears that she is acting as an "extra" in the diving sequences of a Chinese film being made at present. This appears to involve getting up very early, sitting around for hours on end, doing a bit of diving, and not finishing until mid-evening. For this she earns a few peanuts, but is having fun seeing how films are made.

After lunch the Silver Vixen left to go and stay with Betty Rubble for a couple of days. This left Jasper in charge and the Gorse Fox at home to serve him. Whilst Jasper is currently not demanding attention, the Gorse Fox is getting up to mischief in the garden.

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