Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fish and Disks

It was a bit cloudy today, and several degrees cooler than earlier in the week.

The Gorse Fox joined up with the lads for football. Because we take more care mixing the teams than is taken on Tuesdays, we had a very close game with only one goal difference at the end of an hour's play. The Gorse Fox was pleased to be on the winning side (for a change).

Back home, the Silver Vixen had a visit from a couple of members of her coven and they went out for lunch. This meant that Jasper was in charge when the Gorse Fox got home. After a shower and a quick bite to eat, the Gorse Fox tried to do a complete factory reset of the disk that had been giving him trouble. Even the factory reset failed, showing just how flakey it was. He'll try again tomorrow.

We tried some of the cod loin that we had purchased from Tom the Fishman a couple of weeks ago.

The fish was marinated in orange, garlic, de-seeded chilli, salt and pepper - then baked in the oven. This was served on a layer of stir-fried vegetables and rice noodles on a bed of lettuce.

It was delicious. The Gorse Fox will make this again.

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