Monday, May 16, 2016

Garden Centres

The day was bright and sunny and opening the blinds in the Orangery this morning was an absolute delight.  Most of the morning was taken up with domestic chores culminating in a trip to the local recycling centre. This cleared the detritus that had accumulated over the last week from the garage and has allowed the Gorse Fox to put his car away again.

This afternoon the Silver Vixen was on a mission. She wanted some flowers that would occupy the tubs we have in the front of the house. They needed to be tall, robust enough to withstand the wind, but not too invasive so that companion plants could be removed at the end of the season. We visited two garden centres and didn't really find anything that fitted the brief. The question occurred to the Gorse Fox whether the brief could be changed and cam up with an idea that would allow a more invasive species to be used without the hassle of locking in the companion plants. (The Gorse Fox should point out that it took him with the help of a neighbour to sort out last summer's plants an removed them at the end of the season).

Back home the Gorse Fox measured the tubs and consulted his Travis Perkins catalogue. The idea looks sound and the problem could be solved. We will see over the next few days.

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