Tuesday, May 10, 2016


The weather forecast was predicting relentless rain. What we actually got was a couple of hours of rain in the morning and then it dried up and the sum broke through. The Gorse Fox had football and the Silver Vixen was meeting up with a friend for lunch.

The football was fun, though there weren't as many players as usual. This meant the games had a lot more space but we had to cover a lot more ground. It was intense but very enjoyable. Unfortunately, some functionary had decided to authorise roadworks near Littlehampton. The knock on effect was that it took the Gorse Fox 90 minutes to get across to Worthing, instead of the usual 25 minutes. This meant that he missed the first 30 minutes of football. Not pleased.

This afternoon the Gorse Fox headed over to Brewer's (the paint specialist) in Chichester. The colour has been selected for the planters... it was just a case of getting it mixed and collecting it. We need about 2L in all, but couldn't buy any less than 5L unfortunately. Because of the forecast, the Gorse Fox didn't make a start on the painting. It would be just his luck to start slapping the water-based paint on and the heavens open and wash it off the planters and all over the patio.

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