Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Drumming up trade

It was another stunning Spring day. The Silver Vixen headed off for Pilates, and the Gorse Fox headed out for football.

The teams were pretty even today, and the game was hard fought. The Gorse Fox was pleased with his contribution, but a little perturbed by our audience. He looked pitch side and saw two chaps watching through the fence. Both were dressed in black and had the demeanour of undertakers. The Gorse Fox knows that we are getting on a bit, but felt that was a bit worrying. They seemed to be sizing us up. At least neither had a hooded cape and scythe. Perhaps there was an additional frisson as one of our number was playing his first game since open here surgery.

After lunch the Silver Vixen headed back out to the local garden centre whilst the Gorse Fox went to Travis Perkins and Screwfix to order the wood and the screws for the garden project mentioned last week. Wood should arrive on Friday and that will allow the Gorse Fox to get it built on Saturday (if he hasn't finished it on Friday).

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